The 16-19 Bursary funding is additional funding which the government has set aside for schools to allocate to young people who need financial support to stay on in further education or training.

The aim of the bursary fund is to remove financial barriers to participation in Post-16 education. It is to be awarded to individuals, specifically targeting those who are financially disadvantaged, thereby facilitating their education. Bursary payments will be linked to attendance, behaviour and progress.

The level of support that young people need will vary, and is dependent upon a range of factors, including the type of course they are undertaking or curriculum they are undertaking or curriculum they are following. The funding should be used to help provide any specialist equipment, clothing and travel costs.

Bursary funding can be used to help with education-related costs that may arise during the school year. At Muntham House School we use the bursary funding to ensure that our Post-16 pupils are able to fully access additional aspects of the curriculum and complete individual college courses offsite. The list below provides examples of how we have used the funding:

  • Offsite educational visits
  • Offsite reward trips
  • Equipment for courses
  • Clothing required for courses
  • Access to DJ sessions
  • Access to Music sessions
  • IT equipment
  • Transport
  • Food

The table below displays the amount which Muntham House School has received in Bursary funding for the past four years and the number of pupils whom have been eligible for the funding.

Year   Amount Pupil Numbers  
2018-2019 £11,674 9
2019-2020 £11,888 10
2020-2021 £22,137 12

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