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‘We cannot thank you enough for giving our son this opportunity and the chance to develop and build his self esteem, confidence, learning and above all, be happy again. He couldn’t be in better hands’. Parent

INDEX PRINCIPAL’S WELCOME 1 I am delighted to welcome you to Muntham House School’s Post-16 brochure, which will provide you with information you may need. Muntham House School is one of the leading specialist schools in the country, offering both day and residential provision for boys aged between 5 and 18. A hiughly qualified and experienced staff team of the highest quality and state of the art facilites help enable all pupils to succeeed and maximise their potential. Our focus on changing and maintaining the attitudes of our pupils in order that they develop, succeed and achieve as well as they possibly can. Muntham House School is located within 23 acres of picturesque West Sussex countryside, and is a truly wonderful environment. A staff team of the highest quality, and state-of-the-art facilities all help to enable each and every one of our pupils to succeed and maximise their potential. Our fundamental principles are Safe, Caring and Happy, and we encompass these into everything which we do across the school. All pupils are provided with fantastic opportunities to learn and re-engage with their education to become self-motivated learners. Our aim is to facilitate all pupils to grow as well-rounded and confident young people in preparation for adulthood and being work-life-ready for later life. Pupils are extremely well supported on both the education and the residential side. The relationships which exist between staff and pupils are excellent, and this is something which we value highly to help ensure pupils feel both safe and happy. A strong multidisciplinary team enables all pupils to be fully supported, providing a wide range of therapy, counselling and emotional support as and when needed. Harry Anderson - Principal 1 Principals Welcome 3 Post-16 Welcome 5 GCSE Resits 7 Work/Life Ready Subjects 9 BTEC Subjects 15 Enrichment Subjects 21 DofE and Residentials 23 Boarding

‘It wasn’t the lessons, it was the people that made the difference’ Pupil

POST-16 WELCOME 3 We are delighted you are considering furthering your education at Muntham House School. At Muntham House School, you’ll discover a dedicated staff community committed to guiding, challenging, and supporting you throughout your academic journey. We are here to strengthen your confidence, sharpen your skills, and pave the way for your aspirations, be it further education or a fulfilling career. Our pupils consistently praise their experiences here, and our outstanding results are a testament to that. 100% of our leavers went on to employment or further education. We pride ourselves on our remarkable achievement rates and our strong connections with employers and colleges. These are just a few reasons why we are confident in providing the best foundation for your future. At Muntham House School, we are dedicated to offering endless opportunities in an inclusive setting where every pupil has the potential to thrive. We eagerly await the opportunity to introduce you to our community during one of our open events. You'll get a first-hand look at our outstanding facilities, engage with our staff, and talk with our pupils. Join us at Muntham House School Post-16 and embark on your journey to becoming Work/Life Ready. In this brochure, you will find information on all our courses and activities we have on offer. OPPORTUNITIES Personalised Academic Programme - Study what you want to study; G.C.S.E’s, BTech’s and vocational courses. Work Experience - Volunteer or paid part-time work. Learn To Drive - Theory test and practical lessons covered by us. Enrichment Activities - Join our clubs or social groups. Experience outdoors and adventurous activities. Duke of Edinburgh - Experience expeditions and challenges. Sponsored Colleges - Access mainstream College with Muntham House School support.

Parent ‘Muntham House School feels like such an amazing environment, the warmth and dedication of everyone shines through’.

GCSE RE-SITS 5 For pupils who have not achieved Level 4 in English and/or Maths, we provide dedicated teaching and multiple opportunities to resit their exams. Our commitment is to support these pupils until they successfully attain a Level 4 pass. Importantly, to ensure focused attention and effective learning, these sessions are delivered with a small group setting of no more than 8 pupils to 2 teachers. ENGLISH MATHS The AQA GCSE English Language course covers English texts from the 19th to 21st centuries, emphasising creative and analytical skills. Pupils explore literature, non-fiction, and journalism, enhancing their reading, critical evaluation, and coherent writing abilities. The program also highlights spoken language skills, including presentations. With a mix of narrative, descriptive, and viewpoint writing, it provides a solid foundation for future academic and professional endeavors. The AQA GCSE Mathematics course provides pupils with key mathematical skills across topics like Numbers, Algebra, Ratio, Geometry, Probability, and Statistics. The assessment consists of three papers, mixing noncalculator and calculator-allowed questions. The curriculum aligns with the Department for Education's standards, guaranteeing high-quality education.

‘You know what you had once you’ve left. Outside is different, they get you here’. Pupil

WORK/LIFE READY SUBJECTS PSHE, or Personal, Social, Health and Economic education, is a comprehensive subject that equips pupils with the knowledge, skills, and understanding to navigate various aspects of life. It covers personal well-being, relationships, health, financial literacy, and societal responsibilities. Through PSHE, pupils learn to make informed decisions, build resilience, and understand their role in the wider community. PSHE Work/Life Ready focuses on imparting practical living skills to pupils. The curriculum delves into the nitty-gritty of day-to-day life, teaching learners how to manage bills, schedule doctor's appointments, handle basic household tasks like changing light bulbs, and more. This course ensures pupils are equipped with the foundational skills needed to confidently navigate the challenges of adult living. WLR Driving, as a subject, provides puils with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills essential for safe and responsible road use. The course includes theory lessons, culminating in a theory test, and 20 hours of hands-on driving instruction. Both the practical lessons and the driving test are fully funded by the school, ensuring pupils are well-prepared and confident behind the wheel. Careers is a subject that guides pupils in exploring and understanding various professional pathways. Through this course, learners gain insights into different industries, job roles, and the skills and qualifications required. It equips pupils with the tools to make informed decisions about their future, helping them align their passions, strengths, and aspirations with potential career opportunities. DRIVING CAREERS 7

Parent ‘The support the school have for not only the boys but for all the families' too, is incredible and heart warming. We no longer feel alone and isolated. We feel we belong as does our son’.

9 The Pearson BTEC Level 2 in Art and Design Skills is a course tailored for aspiring graphic designers and artists. It covers fundamental aspects of Art and Design, from investigation to practical skills. Modules like "Exploring and Developing Art and Design Skills" and "Responding to a Creative Brief" help refine abilities. Emphasising "graphic and digital communication," the course prepares pupils for the digital era and sets a solid foundation for Advanced Art and Design studies. ESPORTS The Pearson BTEC Level 2 in Esports is a Post-16 course diving into competitive gaming. Collaboratively developed with industry giants like the British Esports Association, it offers foundational knowledge and skills in areas like "Esports Games," "Streaming," and "Event Planning." Beyond game strategies, it also explores the business side of Esports. This qualification sets the stage for careers, further studies, or apprenticeships in the Esports industry. BTEC SUBJECTS GRAPHICS

‘It wasn’t just help with school, I have been able to move out and live by myself with the help from Muntham House School’. Pupil

BTEC SUBJECTS FOOD TECH The Pearson BTEC Awards in Home Cooking Skills offer learners insights into home meal preparation for Level 1 and Level 2. These qualifications boost confidence in cooking and promote economical meal planning and adaptability across recipes. Emphasising cooking as a vital life skill, the courses cover basic techniques, kitchen safety, nutrition, and hygiene. Prioritising cooking from scratch over pre-prepared foods, these awards cater to today's need for practical food knowledge. They are perfect for those keen on home cooking, in preparation for adulthood and learning to cook independently ready for when they leave school. SPORT The Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First in Sport provides a thorough insight into sports and fitness. Merging theoretical knowledge with practical skills, the course, co-developed with industry experts, offers core units for a broad sector understanding and optional units for deeper exploration. Emphasising real-world application, it integrates English and Maths skills in work contexts. With varied assessments, it prepares pupils for further studies or sports industry careers, ensuring a robust foundation in the sports domain. 11

‘Our son has had the best education with you. I can’t thank the school enough for everything you have all done. You really are amazing’. Parent

BTEC SUBJECTS 13 MUSIC The Pearson BTEC Level 2 in Music Industry Skills delves into the music world for Post-16 learners, blending technical, practical, and industry-specific knowledge. Co-developed with industry experts, it includes core units like "Exploring Music" and "Skills Development for Performing Arts," and options like "Music Performance" and "Sound Engineering." The course fosters key workplace skills such as communication and problem-solving, preparing pupils for music careers, further studies, or related apprenticeships. DRAMA The Pearson BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Performing and Production Arts Industry Skills is a Post-16 course offering a comprehensive insight into performing and production arts. Co-developed with industry professionals, it blends technical, practical, and transferable skills through seven core units, covering everything from skill development to audition techniques. Ideal for a one-year full-time program, it readies pupils for careers in performing arts and progression to Level 3 studies or related apprenticeships. Pupil

‘The older you get the more you realise how much the school has helped you mature and develop’. Pupil

ENRICHMENT SUBJECTS 15 ART PHOTOGRAPHY Art offers pupils an enriching dive into the world of visual expression and creativity. This course combines theoretical understanding with handson artistic exploration. Pupils are encouraged to develop their unique artistic voice, experimenting with various mediums, techniques, and themes. Covering both historical and contemporary art contexts, the curriculum fosters critical thinking, visual literacy, and practical skills. Through portfolio projects and evaluations, pupils gain a holistic grasp of art, preparing them for further artistic studies or a potential career in the creative industries. Photography offers pupils a captivating journey into the world of visual storytelling and image creation. This course seamlessly blends theoretical knowledge with practical photographic techniques. Pupils are guided to harness the power of the lens, exploring diverse genres, styles, and digital editing tools. Delving into both historical and contemporary photographic contexts, the curriculum sharpens observational skills, aesthetic understanding, and technical prowess. Through project-based assessments and critiques, pupils cultivate a comprehensive understanding of photography, setting the stage for advanced studies or careers in the visual arts.

‘Thank you all so much for how you have helped my son, he is thriving - Muntham House School is turning his life around, he is re-engaged and happy. Where would we be without you?’. Parent

ENRICHMENT SUBJECTS 17 HISTORY The GCSE in History offers pupils a profound journey through the tapestry of past events and civilizations. This course delves into pivotal moments, influential figures, and transformative movements that have shaped the world. Pupils will critically engage with diverse sources, honing their analytical and interpretative skills. The curriculum spans ancient empires to modern revolutions, fostering a deep understanding of cultural, political, and social dynamics. Through essays, discussions, and assessments, learners cultivate a comprehensive grasp of historical narratives and their contemporary implications. COMPUTER SCIENCE Computer Science introduces pupils to the dynamic world of digital technologies and computational thinking. This course delves into the foundational principles of programming, algorithms, and computer systems. Pupils will engage in hands-on coding projects, exploring various languages and platforms, while also understanding the theoretical underpinnings of computer operations. The curriculum touches on topics like data representation, cybersecurity, and software development. Through practical tasks and analytical assessments, learners cultivate a comprehensive grasp of the digital realm, preparing them for further studies or careers in tech-driven sectors.

‘Thank you all so much for all of your help and support, we really appreciate it and wouldn’t have coped without the support of your school’. Parent

ENRICHMENT SUBJECTS MOTORBIKE MECHANICS Motorbike Mechanics introduces pupils into the intricate world of motorcycle engineering and maintenance. This course offers a deep dive into the mechanics, systems, and technologies that power twowheelers. Pupils will get hands-on experience diagnosing issues, performing repairs, and understanding the dynamics of motorcycle performance. The curriculum covers engine principles, transmission systems, electrical components, and safety protocols. Through practical workshops and theoretical assessments, learners develop both the technical skills and the analytical mindset required in the field. DESIGN TECHNOLOGY Design and Technology (DT) immerses pupils in the innovative world of design, engineering, and manufacturing. This course combines theoretical principles with hands-on project work. Pupils are introduced to the entire design process, from ideation and prototyping to final product creation. They'll explore materials, technologies, and sustainable practices, sharpening their problem-solving and technical skills. The curriculum emphasises real-world applications, ensuring pupils understand the relevance and impact of DT in contemporary society. Through collaborative projects and individual assessments, learners are prepared for further studies or careers in design and engineering fields. 19

‘Don’t take your time for granted. Make the most of your time at school. Education is light’. Pupil

At Muntham House School, we believe in the transformative power of experiential learning and adventure. Our commitment to the Duke of Edinburgh program and various residential experiences underscores this belief. Annual Mount Snowdon Climb: Our pupils embark on the challenging yet rewarding ascent of Mount Snowdon. This climb tests their physical endurance and fosters teamwork, resilience, and an appreciation for nature. Three Peaks Challenge: We're upping the ante with an ambitious attempt at the Three Peaks Challenge. Participants will tackle the UK's three highest peaks, pushing their limits and experiencing our beautiful country's diverse terrains and landscapes. Summer Term Outdoor Activities Residential: As the academic year draws to a close, pupils can immerse themselves in a week-long outdoor activities residential. Set against a backdrop of natural beauty, this experience offers many activities designed to build skills, confidence, and friendship. From kayaking and rock climbing to teambuilding exercises, pupils are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new challenges. Join us in these adventures as we cultivate academic excellence and the spirit of exploration, leadership, and personal growth. DUKE OF EDINBURGH AND RESIDENTIALS 21

‘The magic of Muntham House is amazing’. Parent

At Muntham House School, we believe that a pupil’s living environment plays a pivotal role in their overall development and well-being. Our boarding facilities are designed to offer comfort, independence, and support. Personalised Living Spaces: Each pupil is provided with their own flat, featuring an open-plan bedroom and living area, a well-equipped small kitchen, and a private bathroom. The design ensures that pupils have a personal space where they can unwind, study, and develop essential life skills in a secure setting. Supported Independence: While our staff are always on-site to offer guidance and assistance, we are deeply committed to promoting independence among our boarders. We encourage them to take charge of their daily routines, from meal preparation in their private kitchens to managing their personal spaces. Engaging Social Activities: Beyond the academic realm, life at Muntham House School is vibrant and fulfilling. Boarders have a number of social activities and clubs to choose from outside of school hours. These activities not only encourage friendships among peers but also help in building confidence, social skills, and a sense of community. Join us at Muntham House School, where boarding is not just about accommodation; it's about nurturing self-reliance, and creating a home away from home. The routine and structure which the residential provision supplies, enables all pupils to flourish and succeed into well rounded young men. 23 BOARDING

‘Our son is like a different child since he has been at Muntham House. The impact the school has had on him has been incredible’. Parent

Therapy at Muntham House School plays a key role in promoting pupils’ well being and mental health. Qualified and experienced therapists deliver specialised therapy to support pupils’ individual needs. This service is available to all pupils at times of stress, anxiety or crisis. Our caring therapeutic approach permeates everything from our curriculum to our pastoral care. This ensures pupils remain safe and happy and are able to engage, enjoy and succeed in their education programme here at Muntham House School. THERAPY 24 SALT DRAMA OCCUPATIONAL ART LEGO MUSIC CANINE EQUINE ANGER MANAGEMENT CAMHS Parent

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