Music Lessons

Music Lessons are provided to pupils at Muntham House School who wish to expand their knowledge in a particular field of Music and concentrate on a specific instrument. Individual lessons on Guitar, Piano, Drumming and Singing, are available for individual and group studies. We have a school band that perform to the rest of the school and in front of parents and carers during end of term performance and shows. 

Guitar - Pupils are encouraged to learn how to read and write guitar tab sheet music; and have the option of studying either the acoustic, electric or bass guitar. Pupils start by learning simple chord work and notation understanding, then progress to solo techniques and live improvisation. Pupils can choose which genre of music they enjoy playing with lessons focused around the interests of the pupil. Muntham House School welcomes a range of experience from total beginners to experienced players to join in these sessions, encouraging pupils to work towards improving their confidence by participating in live performance opportunities.

Singing - Muntham House School's music department offers one to one singing lessons for any level of singer, from complete beginner through to more experienced vocalists. All lessons are tailored to suit the individual needs, the lesson structure is age specific is age spcific with a warm and uplifting atmosphere for any nervous pupils. Pupils are encouraged to begin song writing and will be welcomed to sing during live performance opportunities. All musical styles from pop to musical theatre, jazz, rock are offered. Pupils will learn vocal technique, how to interpret and deliver a song, musically and studio technique.

Piano - Piano lessons aim to equip pupils with the ability to play and interpret music with style, confidence and individuality. The lesson structure is age specific with a warm and uplifting atmosphere for any nervous pupils. Pupils can choose to work reading from musical scores or from a visual app depending on their learning requirements. Pupils study both bass and treble sections of the keyboard and are encouraged to perform during live performances. 

Combined Lessons - Pupils at Muntham House School are encouraged to combine vocal, guitar and piano abilities. Combined lessons are offered to pupils who wish to use either piano or guitar as a song writing tool or as an accompaniment to their singing. This combined learning creates a higher dimension of learning for the pupils as they're required to multi task two different skills into one performance, this enhances their focus and concentration.

Group Musical Studies - A variety of group lead activities such as Rock Band, Choir and Musical Theatre Clubs are made available to pupils particularlly in the lead up to school shows. Should your child wish to enquire into these opportunities they can sign up with Mrs Purdy in the music block.

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