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Please see details of our work with Quality In Careers Standard.

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Prevent came into Muntham House School on Monday morning to hold a training session for Staff and they also kindly came in again on Tuesday and held an assembly for our pupils.

They gave great insight into the prevention of radicalisation and violent extremism involving safeguarding vulnerable individuals from being radicalised into extremist behaviour and attitudes. Anyone from any area, ethnic group, socio-economic background, age group, gender can be in a vulnerable place for a variety of reasons and so be susceptible to radicalisation. This can happen in small villages as well as in big cities in any part of the country and the reach of the online world can be appealing for people when at their most isolated and vulnerable. 

As a school we have a part to play in preventing radicalisation and violent extremism. This is why the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 places a Public Duty on all schools and local authorities to have “due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”.

The staff found the talk extremely beneficial and I know that all pupils came away with a much greater understanding.

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I am delighted to confirm that entries for the engage in their future 2020 Football Tournament can now be submitted.

This is an exciting new national tournament for special schools, with our region heats taking place at

Muntham House School

on Wednesday 22nd April.

 For the schools that qualify, the finals tournament will be held on

Thursday 30th April


St George’s Park, home to all 27 England teams. St George’s in Burton on Trent, provides world-class facilities  

St Georges Park

The winners will receive a trophy and there will also be awards presented to players/teams that demonstrate sportsmanship and embody the spirit of the game.

To find out more infomation Eitf National Football Tournament 2020 and Eitf 2020 Football Tournament T&Cs

To enter eitf 2020 Football Tournament Entry Form

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A specially designed performance adapted to reduce anxiety and create a supportive atmosphere.

This performance is suitable for everyone but particularly for people with autism spectrum conditions, learning disabilities and other sensory and communication disorders.

Patrons with additional needs are welcome at any performance in the theatre, however, if you think you or your companions would enjoy a more relaxed environment, Relaxed Performances offer specific support for you.



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If your child was not vaccinated at school and is in Year 6 or below, please take a look at the attached letter and take this to one of the clinics advertised.

It is important that all children are vaccinated.

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We are delighted to announce that

Muntham House School

has been awarded the Platinum Award

from Investors in People.

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The Pre Primary Classroom is now open at Muntham House School which is a truly amazing facility. A state of the art building has been created inside the secret garden which provides a place for tranquillity where pupils can re-engage with learning both inside and outside the classroom. The bespoke curriculum enables our pupils to overcome barriers, which may be present as a result of suffering developmental trauma, adverse childhood experiences or other factors, and empower them to enjoy education again and access the National Curriculum through topics and themes interweaved in to the curriculum.

Our Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) curriculum is underpinned by core values championing the need to attend to the wellbeing of our pupils first. The curriculum will enable pupils to socialise, communicate, collaborate and manage their relationships positively. This in turn will enable them to develop the skills necessary to learn; Resilience, Relationships, Risk Taking, Resourcefulness and Reflection. A wonderful full range of early years and KS1 resources are available for all pupils in Pre Primary which helps motivate pupils and enables them to succeed. A well qualified and experienced staff team provide outstanding levels of support and care to all pupils across Pre Primary.

We have combined our years of experience, knowledge and consultation with experts in the field of education, mental health and wellbeing to create a specialist curriculum and assessment framework which we truly believe reflects the needs of our pupils and ensures that we are able to offer pupils life changing opportunities and outcomes which will help pupils learn the fundamental aspects of education so that they can develop socially, emotional and academically.


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