Trauma Informed Schools UK

Trauma can be an overwhelming and lonely experience, which will affect relationships and behaviour. Our pupils may have experienced multiple childhood adverse experiences (ACES) and had multiple disruptions to their education, leaving a lasting and negative impact.

The impact of these experiences may lead a child to not trust adults and find the school environment triggering and scary, so they reject it.

Muntham House is very proud to have achieved Trauma Informed School (TIS) status. What this means is that our entire community has made a commitment to a way of working that looks for Connection, Attunement and Healing, allowing our pupils to re-engage with education and find the things that bring them joy and motivation.

The Trauma Informed model gives us a structure and the protective factors (safety) to build, test, rupture, repair and maintain healthy and positive relationships allowing our students to thrive. The TIS approach works for all, as we all seek and need a connection to be at our very best.

At Muntham House School we:

  • Wonder
  • Notice
  • Empathically connect
  • Affirm and give language to experience so they can ‘say it’ without ‘acting it’
  • Authentically care, accept and challenge all

Our TIS Diploma Qualified Practitioners are: Laurence Clayton (Head of Care), Louise Etheridge (Ready2Learn), Lawrence Hyde (Ready2Learn)


Please use this link to Trauma Informed Schools UK for further information:           Trauma Informed Schools UK

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