‘Muntham House School will give you a fresh start, and new beginning. A chance to find the things you love to do and enjoy learning. The adults will care for you, listen to you, challenge you and never give up on you’.


It is home to our youngest pupils at Muntham, ranging from year 4 through to year 6, although there is the option for pupils to stay through to year 7 depending on individual needs and “readiness” to move.

On Hever floor, we are a nurturing and family-style boarding provision aiming for a home-from-home feel, focusing on respect, acceptance, tolerance of others, kindness and our Muntham community. The daily routines that each pupil follows are clearly set out and understandable, aimed to facilitate a sense of routine and predictability, enabling our pupils to feel safe and secure.

The accommodation consists of 2 large dormitory style bedrooms accommodating 4 beds and 3 beds respectively, and a 2 bed room. Each bed area is personalised to each pupil’s individual preferences, and they take responsibility for keeping it clean and tidy. Our pupils are taught and encouraged to make their own beds, put their washing in the washing baskets, including other tasks on floor ranging from helping to prepare and cook dinner, clearing the table and even the washing up.

We are lucky to have a large Games room with a pool table, table football, and games console; we also have a PC room with 6 computers enabling pupils to play Minecraft or complete homework. Hever also has its own small sensory room for our pupils to use if they should need it.

Our living room and kitchen are our communal social spaces where we all have our meals together and where we finish our evenings before the students go to bed.

The Leisure Curriculum

The leisure curriculum focuses heavily on independence skills and appropriate behaviour. The floor has daily routines that provide Structure and boundaries to ensure security and predictability but not rigidity and inflexibility.

The activities our pupils can take part in range from offsite swimming, bowling, golf, and cinema trips as well as utilising local youth clubs and Cub scouts. Onsite we make the most of the wonderful school grounds where we can bike, scooter, play football (indoors and outdoors), climb trees/adventure play and visit our onsite farm and its animals. Pupils are encouraged to investigate /try out a vast array of offsite clubs, such as cubs, football and basketball, with our staff helping to find clubs that may interest our pupils as individuals. When not attending clubs and activities, our young people enjoy inclusive floor activities such as cooking and baking, board games and craft activities, to name a few.

The Staff Team

Our staff advocate and care for our pupils, developing close working relationships with parents /carers and any external agencies involved in our pupil's lives. This ensures that all aspects of their individual needs are met and catered for in a holistic and inclusive way.

Current Floor Staff

Alex Thomas – Team Leader

Jasmine Randall – Key Worker

Cheryl Strudwick –Key Worker

DfE No. 938/7003  Charity No. 1105085 Registered Office: Barns Green, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 0NJ

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