The POST-16 Unit is a safe, happy and caring environment for pupils in POST-16 education. We strive to make our pupils independent and ready to thrive and survive when they leave Muntham House School. The POST-16 Unit educate pupils from a variety of backgrounds to achieve their ambitions of becoming independent citizens. POST-16 is a fun, vibrant and diversified community in which all pupils are involved. All are supported by a personal keyworker so they feel able to take the opportunities offered, allowing them to develop their skills and personal qualities. This is achieved with a vocational curriculum based on individual preference. All pupils also continue core subjects to Level 2.

POST-16 also has an extensive range of evening activities that further develop skills that support the pupils preparation for independent living, further study or employment


Muntham House School offers semi-independent boarding facilities where pupils can learn life skills and independence in preparation for their life after school.

The POST-16 Unit has 12 purpose built flats with bedrooms, a social area, a kitchen and bathrooms with showers. All rooms are decorated to a good standard and come with double beds, TV-DVD, fridge, tea and coffee making facilities and furniture. All pupils are encouraged to make their rooms more homely by putting up their own posters, family pictures, certificates, awards and trophies.

Although we have a friendly laundry and cleaning team the pupils learn how to clean their rooms, make their beds and do their own washing, ironing and cooking.


The POST-16 Unit specialise in helping our pupils become independent developing their self-confidence in preparation for adulthood and to be work and life ready when they leave school.

In the evenings, the boarding pupils are encouraged to help design their evening curriculum. This could mean looking up an activity on the internet, planning their transport, and financial budgeting.

All pupils will have the chance to earn extra qualifications in the evenings such as First Aid, AQA qualifications, citizenship qualifications and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.


The POST-16 Unit offers a diverse range of activities and extended learning opportunities. Leisure activities include anything from the cinema to CV writing, and mountain biking to mountain climbing.

There is a great choice of things to do every evening in the POST-16. As one of our pupils recently said “The only thing that limits you is you!”

POST-16 is where our pupils hone all their life-skills and develop their independence. Pupils people get all the advice, knowledge and support helping them become work ready for when they leave school.


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