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Anger is an acceptable human emotion like all others. It is important that pupils understand how to manage this powerful emotion, the source of it and how it can be a helpful indicator that something is wrong.

At Muntham House School we support our pupils to manage the ways in which they respond and behave to their feelings of anger. We do this in our everyday ‘universal’ interactions with them by:

  • Helping them to differentiate between feelings and behavior.
  • Modelling appropriate Anger Management.
  • Establishing an expectation of safe, caring and happy.
  • We teach healthy coping skills, and offer conflict resolution based consequences such as restorative justice when things have gone wrong.
  • Crucially we make sure that safe calm adult help is always available when a pupil seeks help when angry.

Some pupils may need additional support in understanding that uncontrolled anger can be harmful. We offer these pupils:

  • 1:1 support within our therapy department with trained staff who support the pupil to explore and unpick the anger, develop strategies to manage triggers and overwhelming emotions.

  • These sessions may include psychoeducation, conflict resolution training and a space to develop trusting relationships that allow space to experience anger in other ways.

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