The music department follows a diverse curriculum catering for pupils' individual needs and interests.

All pupils have the opportunity to gain qualifications following Arts Awards Accreditation. In Key Stages 4 pupils are offered the opportunity to take a qualification with Pearson’s BTEC Music Practice. The BTEC is a bespoke qualification; it is malleable based on pupils’ talents and interests in music performance and composition. This qualification follows a clear structure and allows pupils to develop a specific individual interest in the subject and build on their knowledge.

Pupils have the opportunity to perform three annual showcases, alongside other public performance opportunities such as assemblies or charity shows, helping them to build confidence and develop their social skills.

They have the opportunity to access music technology and composition on GarageBand using iPads, and are offered sessions on keyboards. Each pupil is allocated their own keyboard with headphones to facilitate for sensory needs.

Pupils are educated on the theory of reading and writing music and are encouraged to access their full creative potential. Pupils at Muntham House School can also access the learning and teaching of various other instruments such as Piano, Guitar, Drums and many more. Pupils can participate in the school’s band if they choose and are offered multiple opportunities such, as, live shows and professional studio outings to record their work.

The Muntham House music department delivers a varied curriculum, presenting pupils with a vast spectrum of knowledge, from music history, and music theory, as well as music production and performance. The curriculum also works towards overall musical virtuosity and the use of musical terminology. In Key Stage 3 specifically, this is tailored towards preparation for the music BTEC in KS4. The department aims to encourage the construction of confidence as well as building strong, trusting peer and staff relationships.


The Music curriculum is designed with a whole school approach to ensure differentiation between key stages. Music provides a life skill to all pupils at Muntham house school that aids them in building confidence as well as exploring creativity in a safe environment. Pupils are encouraged to express themselves through a creative outlet. Muntham house school’s music curriculum takes an inclusive approach that ensures a high standard of learning regardless of pupil needs. Pupils are encouraged to perform in group settings that build teamwork, alongside healthy and trusting relationships. Furthermore, pupils are given the opportunity to showcase their learning through whole school shows.


To ensure a high standard of teaching and learning in music we implement a curriculum that is progressive throughout the whole school. Music is taught as part of a termly topic divided into performance, theory and composition. To guarantee core subjects are relevant to the subject, all lesson objectives consider a core subject at the root of the learning. The topics of learning are varied, using current themes to confirm an engaging curriculum is delivered. Additionally, a subject-specific LSA with relevant knowledge is available for further support. The music department works in tandem with other departments within the school termly, to host, showcase and celebrate the progress of the pupils. Extra music lessons are also made available to pupils to further their education outside of a classroom setting.


The Muntham House Music department strives to provide a supportive and collaborative attitude towards learning. We achieve this by offering investigative, practical and skills based learning opportunities. Regular assessments each half term give both the pupils and staff a clear understanding of the progress being made throughout the year and help them gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of each individual unit of work covered throughout the school.

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