The Principal will deal with written requests for information by:

Deciding if the request comes under one of the following Acts namely:

  •  Children’s Acts 1989, 2002, 2004,
  •  Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019
  •  Safeguarding Policies
  •  Data Protection Act
  •  Environmental Information Regulations
  •  Freedom of Information Act
  •  Deciding whether the school holds the information
  •  Providing the information if it has already been made public
  •  Informing the enquirer if the school does not have that information
  •  Deciding if information disclosed might affect the interests of a third party
  •  Deciding if the estimated cost of complying with the request will exceed the appropriate limit
  •  Ensuring that all personal information is excluded from a requested document
  •  Consider if the request is annoying or repeated
  •  Dealing with a FOI request within 20 working days
  •  Dealing with a Data Protection request within 40 calendar days.

Arrangements can be made for Parents and Carers to view the following documents;

  •  Assessment Policy
  •  Sanctions Policy
  •  Individual Education Plan
  •  Measures of Control
  •  Parent School Partnership

All the school's curriculum policies are available at the school for parents to view, including Individual Subject Policies and Schemes of Work.

Muntham House School is a non-denominational community. However we do see ourselves as a moral and positive community where people of all faiths should flourish. The school has regular assemblies where we celebrate each other’s achievements and personal development. Religious Education is delivered through the Humanities department and is of a broadly Christian nature.

Sex education is delivered primarily through each pupil's personal development programme. It is formally delivered in the National Curriculum in the Science curriculum and from a moral perspective via the school's Personal Social and Health Education Programme.

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