Our purpose is to support pupils to make progress with their learning in its widest sense, including academic learning and personal and social development.

We support pupils to make progress within the outcomes set out in the former Every Child Matters (ECM) framework.

We particularly focus on enabling pupils to develop their skills for life and independent living, alongside their personal and social development, residential pupils stay week days only.

Boarding opens when school finishes however, staff have the opportunity to work closely with individual pupils during the school day which enables them to observe the pupils in an educational setting to build strong professional relationships with pupils.

Boarding allows pupils the opportunity to spend quality time with different individuals of a similar age from all walks of life, and with a range of experienced adult role models. They are encouraged to learn from one another, developing their understanding of the impact and consequences of their behaviour on others.

Each pupil has either a single or a double room so they can have their own privacy. The intention is to provide our boarding pupils with a homely environment where they can feel safe and secure, within the intimacy of a homely environment. We have a high staff ratio which enables staff to spend quality one to one time with individuals when they most need it. Our main emphasis focusing on the development of building positive relationships between staff and pupils. Our aim is to provide a safe and secure environment in order to ensure and promote a sense of self-worth and value, which can impact positively on their learning and academic achievement.


There are always activities for our boarding pupils to engage in both on and off site. The intention is to ensure that our pupils remain fit and active so that they are able to learn as well as possible during the school day. There are both formal and informal activities that our boarding pupils can join in beyond the school day. Pupils choose which activity they would like to do on a daily basis and at their floor meetings, these are some of the many activities; Swimming, Cinema, Skate Park, Local Gym, Bowling and Youth Club.

Alongside leisure activities teaching staff offer after school study sessions (level up) for residential pupils.

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