Muntham House School have teamed up with The Sussex Swim School so our pupils can experience success in a watery classroom.

Our Primary unit have started swimming lessons in a lovely private pool in a nearby village.  Not only is this social activity a fun way of getting to know each other and all our different strengths and weaknesses, but it also might one day save a life! 

The Sussex Swim School not only teaches our pupils the different swimming strokes, floats and dives, but they also educate the pupils in water safety.  It is important that every pupil is confident in the water but to also know how to react in an emergency so they can help save someone else.  Luckily, the private pool (5 meters by 12 meters) we use, caters for this by having a shallow end where the pupils can touch their feet down and a 2 meter deep end – plenty of depth to allow for diving practise.

In addition to all this, learning to swim is also incredibly good for your physical and mental health and wellbeing, a top priority at Muntham House School and we’re very proud of the positive way all our Primary pupils are treating this opportunity.

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