Work Experience

Once a year, our Year 10 pupils enjoy a week of work experience at various different employers such as Leisure Centres, Police Stations and Commercial Kitchens. 

The feedback from our placements has been very good, with some employers saying that they would employ our pupils without reservation.

Once pupils graduate into the Post-16 Unit at Muntham House School our focus becomes individual pathways. Its essential that the pupils can identify how they will transition into their next phase in life and the best way to do this is by gaining the practical experiences they need to gain skills and create opportunities for themselves.

Careers is not just a way of setting up work experience, although this is a valuable part of the course, it also earns each pupil who commits to the lessons a BTEC in Careers which is a GCSE equivalent. Gaining another industry recognised qualification alongside the skills and knowledge gained by a variety of work experience opportunities all help bolster each pupils' curriculum vitae - another task that is completed in this course!

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